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75 Things I Will Teach My Children

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This is your life; live it for you.


What others think about you is irrelevant to what you think about yourself.


Therefore, think highly of yourself.


Don’t talk down or about others. That says more about you than it does about the other person.


There is a difference between being a bitch/douche and being mentally strong.


There is a difference between intuition and insecurity.


Just because he bought you a drink does not mean you are obligated to go home with him.


Cheap makeup is great, but spend good money on foundation.


There are too many messed-up people in this world; please, for the love of Christ, do not be one of them.


Believe in the power of prayer.


Don’t leave a fight unresolved.


Fight for those who are worth fighting for.


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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (Christian Symbolism)


This is the first book of the Chronicles of Narnia, which is written by C.S. Lewis. This book has a Christian allegory or it can be a fantasy story, which depends on the reader. Well, I recommend first to read the book and then watch the film.

The story is about 4 children from World War II, these children were Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. These siblings were evacuated to London due to bombing from Germany. To cut the story short, Lucy accidentally climbed into the wardrobe, which leads her to the world of “Narnia”. Eventually, the siblings entered the wardrobe and discovered a mystical world where it snows but never Christmas.


In this world, they have met a witch named Jadis and a lion named Aslan, two of the stories major figures, and their story begins.

Here is my own personal interpretation of the primary symbolism in the story:

First let’s start with Aslan, Aslan means lion in Turkish and in the story, Aslan is the creator of Narnia. He symbolizes Jesus Christ and the power of good.



Queen Jadis, the White Witch, is the ruler of Narnia for 100 years, which represents the power of Satan or evil in the world.

Queen Jadis

Peter, in the story was a strong leader who becomes high king of Narnia. Most closely would represent Apostle Peter, who in reality the first leader of the Christian church after Christ ascended.



Susan represents Mary, she is the second largest human figure in the story, standing as courageous queen in Narnia, and though very important is likewise very human.



Edmund, he was tempted by the White Witch, her Turkish Delights and the promise of power. He represents all mankind who has betrayed Christ from birth, and who Jesus died for on the cross. We all know that man led away by the enticement of this world and becomes greedy, selfish and fallen from the standards of Christ. Because of his betrayal, he has also been compared to Judas of the New Testament and Adam in the Garden of Eden.



Lucy is the faithful youngest child, and the strongest believer of Aslan. For me she resembles and represents all the children, and their simple innocent faith, which we should have. Susan and Lucy also represent the two Marys who beheld Christ’s death and came to His tomb early in the morning.



Mr. Tumnus is the faun. He represents Judas, the person who first betrayed Aslan and wants to kidnap Lucy, until Aslan appears out of the fire and he repents. However, he loses his life as a result, and is also similar to the “Doubting Thomas”. However, he also represents Apostle Paul, who first worked for against Christianity, and then became a Christian.

Mr. Tumnus


The Stone Table is equivalent to the cross of Jesus, where he was crucified. However, it goes beyond this the stone tablets, and the breaking of the temple curtain at Christ’s death.

Stone Table


This is a must read movie! I strongly recommend it. You will learn a lot from it and I advice you guys to read the book first, before reading it. I hope you enjoyed.